The research initiative

With its Energy Concept from 28 September 2010, the German government initiated the Energiewende – Germany’s energy transition. A central component of this strategy is to develop renewable energies so that they contribute 80 per cent of the electricity generation by 2050. In order to optimally handle the high proportion of intermittent electricity fed into the power grid, processes, concepts and materials shall be researched and developed within the "Future-proof Power Grids" funding initiative. The goal is to enable the technology for developing the power grid and for integrating renewables in the transmission and distribution grids.

Initial research projects for the "Future-proof Power Grids" funding initiative being launched

The "Future-proof Power Grids" funding initiative forms part of the German federal government’s 6th Energy Research Programme. The German federal ministries for Economic Affairs and Energy as well as for Education and Research are therefore supporting projects that provide solutions for utilisation in intelligent distribution grids, transmission grids, grid planning and management. The funding initiative is therefore helping to improve the environmental compatibility, economic viability and resource efficiency of the electricity grids and the security of the electricity supply in Germany.

The federal ministries involved are intensifying their research activities by providing at least 150 million euros for the initiative. Their joint management enables them to exploit synergies and combine forces to ensure efficient research promotion. Following the joint research initiative in the energy storage field in the summer of 2011, this is the second joint measure being undertaken as part of the Energy Research Programme. The "Future-proof Power Grids" funding initiative supports the cooperation between industry and academia throughout the value added chain and facilitates international research collaborations, for example as part of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan).

The first alliances began their research projects in August 2014. The web portal provides regular and detailed reports on the course of the work.

Notice of funding

Announcement of the guidelines for promoting research and development in the field of future-proof power grid technologies as part of the "Future-proof Power Grids" funding initiative.


Dr. Hermann Stelzer,
Dr. Wolfgang Rolshofen,
Dr. Gesine Arends

Projektträger Jülich
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
52425 Jülich

News from the research initiative

Basic information

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