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Here we have provided an overview of all the projects. The search facility enables you to find projects on various topics, which are presented in a clear manner. The project status is indicated by the green dots above the respective headings: project started, initial findings and project concluded.


The main objective of the research project SINERGIEN is to provide a simulation environment for future smart power supply systems on the distribution network level.

Schematische Darstellung der Problemstellung eines Inselnetzbetriebs mit Verschiedenen, nicht direkt beeinflussbaren Dezentralen Einspeiser, welche bei der Versorgung der Kritischen Infrastruktur mit versorgt werden.

The aim of the research and development project LINDA is to develop strategies to restore a critical infrastructure in the event of a major failure.

Eine große Fabrikhalle mit einer Sortieranlage für Müll. Im Vordergrund ist das Sortierband.

A solution for the fluctuating power supply: adapting demand to generation. For example, with controllable loads in industrial enterprises.

Deutschlandkarte mit verschiedenen Regionen, die in Zukunft Energieautark sein möchten.

In the course of the energy transition, there are rural efforts to meet energy needs through self-generated renewable electricity.

Im Vordergrund stehen Hochspannungsmasten, im Hintergrund ist ein Windpark zu sehen.
Grid Commander

With an increasing electricity supply from renewable, decentralised energy sources feeding into the existing grid, new responsibilities arise for the distribution grids in particular.

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Basic information

The energy generated in a grid must always be equal to the energy consumed. The ancillary services are tasked with ensuring this.


Virtual power plants, active distribution grids, smart meters and adaptive protection systems – here you can find information about the most important aspects of smart grids.


What do direct and alternating current mean? How do they differ and what are the advantages and disadvantages?


How is our power grid structured? What sort of networks are there? What do security and quality of supply mean?